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Why A Boxer Machine?

• You’re client will love it, stay longer, spend more money and come back again
• We believe your establishment will make more money
• We provide full maintenance on all our machines
• Fast game play, it only takes a few seconds per game
• Simple to use, there is nothing complicated about the boxer so there is no time wasted figuring out how to play. Press the START button and punch the bag.

The Boxer vs Others

- Entertains many in a short time
- Reduces violence
- Generates activity and a busy atmosphere
- Can be used for competitions
- Compact but durable
- Makes more money than any other amusement machine
- Encourages competition, a player will rarely play only one game, if there is more than one person participants will take turns trying to beat each other.

Safety Features

Roof cover protects electrical parts,
machine is weather-proof

Leather casing filled with foam
protects the fist from the metal shaft

Leather punch ball inflated with a
rubber ball inside avoids hard impact,
protects the fist

Bold visible explicit disclaimer should
warn of proper use and deny liability

Flat solid metal base ensures stability
the machine will not tip or become